Sarasota Real Estate: Top Tips to Attract Tenants in a Tough Market

Sarasota Real Estate: Top Tips to Attract Tenants in a Tough Market

Imagine filling every vacant unit without having to print signs or flyers. Imagine tenants coming to you instead of you searching for them. With the right property marketing strategies, it's possible!

Inbound marketing can help you get more tenants without going over budget. In fact, outbound leads cost 39% more than inbound leads. Get marketing and boost your ROI today!

Update the Property Listing

Don't let a dull, outdated property listing scare away potential renters. Instead, update your listing so your property stands out from others in Sarasota.

Hire a professional photographer to capture beautiful, eye-catching images of the property. Ask them to gather video footage. You can use this content to create virtual or video tours later.

Update the property description. Make sure it's both informative and compelling. Mention special features and amenities that make the property unique.

While writing your description, imagine the renters you're trying to reach. Are you trying to reach busy business professionals, a couple on vacation, or families? Describe living in your rental properties with each audience's needs in mind.

Optimize your listing for search engines using relevant keywords. As more people find your listings, you could get more people to apply.

Leverage Social Media

Share images of your listings on social media. Already, nearly 90% of real estate agents use Facebook for their business.

Create different types of content for social media, including images, carousels, and videos. Over 50% of social media users share videos over any other type of content. As they share your video content, you'll reach more potential renters.

Video content now reaches 92% of all internet users. Try creating video walk-throughs of the property. You can also share helpful vlogs, how-tos, educational videos, and more. Try to engage and entertain your content with helpful yet fun content.

Gather Referrals

Ask your current renters to share the news that you have available rental properties. Their referrals can help lower your vacancy rate.

Offer incentives to generate more referrals. For example, you can offer your tenants gift cards to local shops or restaurants.

Consider developing a tenant retention strategy. Retaining renters can boost your occupancy rate. You'll also spend less on marketing.

Hire a Property Manager

If you're struggling to apply these marketing strategies alone, hire a property management company. Your property manager can use proven strategies to apply to Sarasota renters.

Their services can improve your tenants' living experiences. Happy tenants are more likely to rave about living in your rental properties.

Invest in Property Marketing Today

A strong property marketing strategy can make all the difference to your vacancy rate. Use these tips to maximize your occupancy rate instead! With these tips, you can generate more revenue from your investment properties than ever before.

Remember, you don't have to apply these marketing strategies alone. Working with a property management company can save you time, money, and energy.

Look no further for property management services than PMI Sarasota! We have nearly 20 years of industry experience offering award-winning services.

We help our clients maximize their earning potential. Reach out to get more tenants today!