Why It Is Important to Replace Your HVAC Filter Regularly

Why It Is Important to Replace Your HVAC Filter Regularly
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Replacing your air filter is a key part to every home’s maintenance. Routinely checking and replacing the air filter (at minimum every 60 days) can provide a slew of benefits to not only a homeowner, but also a residing tenant. Here are some of the most important benefits of timely air filter replacement.

Peak Performance

Living in Florida means our HVAC units need to be running at peak performance almost 24/7. A clean air filter lessens the workload of your air conditioner by increasing the air flow throughout the unit. If air filters are not changed, they can begin to deteriorate and release fibers and debris that clog your system. These clogs can lead to expensive mechanical breakdowns and significantly reduce the comfort of your home.

Air Quality

The sole purpose of an air filter is to filter the air you breathe. A clean filter ensures that your HVAC unit is not constantly circulating dust, pollen, or other small particles around the house but purifying it, allowing for the residents to breathe easy. Especially children, the elderly, and those suffering from asthma or allergies.

Save Money

Saving money is also directly correlated to a clean air filter. Clogged air filters not only cause unnecessary damage but also can help save significantly on energy/operating costs.

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