Make Your Sarasota Vacation Rental More Environmentally Friendly!

Make Your Sarasota Vacation Rental More Environmentally Friendly!
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Did you know that travelers are looking for more sustainable travel options? It’s true. This consumer shift is known as eco-tourism and is gaining popularity across the country and here in Sarasota!

According to’s 2021 Sustainable Travel Report, 83% of global travelers believe sustainable travel is vital, yet 49% still believe that there aren’t enough sustainable options available. So what are the options travelers are looking for? Here are the top survey results:

  • 83% of travelers want to reduce their energy consumption
  • 79% want more environmentally friendly transportation options
  • 84% want to reduce their general waste while traveling

So how can you address these desires from your sustainable travelers? Here are some tips that may help!

Reduce Waste and Energy Usage at Your Property With These Upgrades
As your local property rental experts, we know the market here in town, and the types of amenities guests are searching for. We can help you make sustainable changes to your property so you can market your place to guests looking for something a little greener. What kind of changes are we talking about? Here are a few you can try:

  • Reduce plastic waste and usage by opting for keyless entry, reusable cutlery and dishes, or switching to biodegradable single-use plastics like paper straws or coffee cups.
  • Install motion sensor lights and automated heating and air conditioning systems to reduce energy usage.
  • Install a compost space in your home to reduce food waste.
  • Install high-efficiency appliances.
  • You can even encourage your guests to reuse their linens during their stay to avoid wasting energy on washing towels or sheets!
  • Install solar panels or other green energy alternatives.

These are just a few upgrades to make your space more energy efficient and sustainable. Ensure you highlight sustainable initiatives in your rental property listings for potential guests looking for more eco-friendly rentals.

Cater to Bicyclists Looking to Ride the Legacy Bike Trail and Other Paths
Biking is a fantastic way to explore an area without increasing your personal emissions use. More people prefer to explore by bike when they travel because it’s fun and better for the environment, so highlighting local biking trails and rental shops is a great way to appeal to environmentally conscious travelers. Luckily, there are plenty of places to explore by bike here in the Sarasota area that you can highlight for your potential guests. Here are a few:

  • The Legacy Bike Trail: This 10.8-mile paved trail runs from Sarasota to Venice. It’s a great way to experience the area and easy enough for even the most novice bikers.
  • Oscar Scherer State Park: There are fifteen miles of biking and walking trails in this state park, with varying degrees of difficulty. In fact, this park is the midway point of the Legacy Trail, so if your guests want to get off the easy route and explore some other options, they can! There are plenty of more rugged biking trails and lots of Florida wildlife to see in this park!

Utilize Digital Links for Sarasota Guides and Maps
Reduce printing waste by using digital links or QR codes for recreational guides and maps for your guests. For example, instead of wasting paper printing a bunch of this year’s 2022 Sarasota Official Visitors Guide, use this link and create a QR code sign for your guests to enter. Not only does it reduce waste, but it will be more convenient for your guests to check the link on their phone when they are out exploring the beaches, bird watching, or looking for restaurant recommendations.

Offer Outdoor Equipment for Your Guests to Use
Another way to attract guests is by offering outdoor equipment for them to use, like bikes, kayaks, paddleboards, or even hiking equipment. Buying this equipment might be an expensive investment, but it may help attract more guests interested in these activities. Another option is to partner with a local rental company to offer a discount or deal to your guests!

Let Us Help You Promote Your Eco-Friendly Rental Property!
As a local property management company, we know that many visitors to the area are looking for eco-friendly properties. So if you want help promoting your property and the sustainable amenities you offer, let us help!