Keep Up With Your Healthy Habits While Vacationing in Sarasota

Keep Up With Your Healthy Habits While Vacationing in Sarasota
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If your goal is to be healthier in 2023, we salute you. It’s not easy to make healthy changes and stick with them long-term. But one of the best ways, you can accomplish your health goals this year is to focus on making a lifestyle change that brings you joy and happiness. So instead of implementing a strict diet or exercise regime, try to focus on new ways of doing things that are healthy and bring you joy!

But what about when you go on vacation? Is that the time to throw away the rule book and your health goals too? We don’t think so! Instead, find ways to bring your healthy habits with you on vacation so you can stick with your goals and experience new things. Luckily, there are plenty of healthy and fun activities here in Sarasota to help you stick with your goals, even on vacation. What are some of our favorites? Let us tell you!

Try Some Local, Clean Cuisine!
Eating out is one of the biggest triggers for many people making health changes. Unfortunately, finding healthy, good fun while on vacation can be challenging. But here in Sarasota, several delicious restaurants feature clean, organic, and health-conscious menus. Here are a few of our favorites you should try!

  • La Dolce Vita: This Italian restaurant features all your favorite classic dishes with a healthy twist. Owner/Chef Mauro makes everything from scratch and uses his old family recipes and fresh local ingredients.
  • Café Evergreen: If your new health regime involves dietary restrictions, pop into Café Evergreen. They offer healthy alternatives that fit their motto, “Passion for a healthy lifestyle.”
  • Lila: If you’re embracing a vegan diet, you must check out Lila. Their goal is to create vegetable-centric dishes. They even use a separate cooktop for strictly vegan guests.
  • Gecko’s Grill and Pub: One of the best ways to eat healthier is to embrace local food and produce. Local food vendors supply everything at Gecko’s Grill and Pub. Their extensive menu also makes it easy to find delicious and healthy choices for everyone in your party!

Stay Active by Being a Little Adventurous!
It can be hard to stick to your physical activity goals while travelling. You’re away from your regular routine and gym, so it’s easy to let it go. But there are many different ways to keep active and be adventurous when visiting Sarasota. Don’t be afraid to try some exciting activities like:

  • Climbing through the trees at TreeUmph!: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience Florida’s forest from the treetops? Now you can! Go climbing at TreeUmph! Through their 10 football field of aerial obstacle courses, rope climbing, ziplines and more. With different difficulty levels available, this activity is fun for the whole family!
  • Visit Myakka River State Park: Myakka River State Park has plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy! The 37,000 acre park features hiking and biking trails, horseback riding, canoeing, and more. You can even go camping if you want to reconnect with nature.
  • String up a racket for some tennis or pickleball! If you love to play tennis or the newest sensation, Pickleball, but you never have the time at home, play while you’re on vacation. There are plenty of clubs and resorts throughout the Sarasota area where you can book court time. Find the court that meets your needs here.

Going on vacation shouldn’t derail your health plans and goals. Here in Sarasota, there are plenty of ways to keep active and make healthy choices to stay on track with your goals. But one of the best ways to keep to your goals this year is to choose a short-term rental for your stay over a hotel. Booking a short-term rental property with kitchen facilities is a great way to avoid eating out by cooking your own meals. Many of our rental properties also include access to water or sports equipment so the whole family can stay active. So find your next vacation rental by visiting our website today!