How To Keep Your Home Healthy

How To Keep Your Home Healthy
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Much like the human body, routine cleaning is also an important part of keeping your home healthy. Maintaining a clean and tidy home can help mitigate issues like bacteria or pest infestations. Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant these tips below can help keep you AND where you live healthy! We will start with 4 focus areas:

1. Exterior 

The exterior is the shell of the house. A good shell keeps bad out and lets the good in.

  • Inspect the outside for cracks to keep pests/elements out but still maintain good ventilation.
  • Try to eliminate any stagnate water that may be surrounding the home. Clear gutters regularly. Stagnate water creates a perfect breeding ground for mosquitos and other water bugs to lay eggs.
  • Place your full trash bags in a sealed bin until ready for pick up. This helps mitigate animals and insects from finding your trash.
  • Check ventilation systems regularly to make sure you help get the fresh air in and get stale indoor air out.

2. Kitchen  

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where some of the biggest messes happen and where the biggest clean up needs to happen:

  • Make sure you sanitize frequently with disinfectants. With all the different food prep taking place it can be a germ haven. Areas to focus on are the sink, refrigerator door, and any handles/knobs throughout the kitchen.
  • Switch out sponges regularly.
  • Perform routine pantry and fridge checks for decaying/moldy food.

3. Bathroom  

There was a reason why in the past outhouses were far away from the main living spaces of a home – to keep out bacteria and pathogens. Sanitizing and habitual cleaning should take place:

  • Make sure you sanitize frequently with disinfectants, especially your toilet. Diseases like rotavirus and enterococcus can live there. Areas to focus on are the sink, toilet, floor around the toilet, and any handles/knobs.
  • Make sure when you shower that the exhaust fan is running, or you have proper ventilation to help remove the moisture from the air. Moisture build-up can encourage spore growth.
  • Inspect areas around the shower, tub, and walls for any cracks. Seal the cracks with caulk where necessary to prevent mold and mildew growth.

4. Bedrooms/Living Room  

These rooms are your relaxation areas. Places to kick your feet up and relax. By improving the cleanliness of these rooms not only will your physical health improve but also your mental health:

  • Add indoor plants such as spider plants that help remove pollutants and improve air quality. An air purifier can also do these things and help eliminate odors.
  • Air out bedding and wash your sheets often. Hundreds of thousands of dust mites live in your bedding – wash your sheets often and on a hot cycle to kill off these yucky insects.
  • Vacuum and dust regularly