Benefits of Online Portals for Owners and Tenants in Sarasota, FL

Benefits of Online Portals for Owners and Tenants in Sarasota, FL

Soon, that cash in your wallet may become a little more than an artifact from the past. These days, about two-thirds of all adults make digital payments over physical ones.

It's not just contactless payments at convenience stores after the pandemic, it's online shopping and bills. In particular, tenants are now (generally speaking) expecting to pay rent online, too. However, is the convenience of a tenant portal worth the hassle of setting it up?

We are here to show it is. Today, let's take a look at a handful of benefits of a tenant portal in Sarasota, FL.

A Tenant Portal Prevents Late Payments

Late payments can be a pain when doing your accounting. Since a late fee has to be reasonable, charging one doesn't make up for the lost profit of a late payment. In the process, you usually create some bad blood with the tenant.

An online portal can give your tenants reminders about upcoming rent payments. Some portals even allow for integration with their own personal calendars. If nothing else, this small benefit could be another reason your tenant eventually decides to renew their lease.

It Makes Communicating with Tenants Easier

There's a good chance you talk to your tenant on a messenger. But you don't want to have to send all official correspondence through text. It would be a lot easier to make official monthly statements, reminders, and other pertinent information automatically via email.

Your online portal lets you automate that important correspondence. Say, for example, you want to remind all of your tenants about your pet policy. An online portal can facilitate sending that alert to everyone with a few clicks - or on a regular schedule.

It Makes Maintenance Requests Simpler

Maintenance requests can be a huge pain to report, schedule, coordinate, and pay for. It involves a lot of back-and-forth and collection of tenant information to get the ball rolling. It can be a huge waste of time when there are better solutions, such as an online portal.

Your maintenance pipeline improves drastically with an online portal. From this central hub, the tenant can report it, you can schedule a contractor to check it out, and everything else. It also doubles as a helpful record of previous maintenance requests vs. tenant responsibilities.

It Makes Managing Properties Easier

Last but not least, managing multiple properties is a thousand times easier when you have the right tool. One such tool is the online portal. This gives you complete control of dozens of properties' rent payments, maintenance requests, and other correspondence in one place.

Without an online portal, you'd be juggling a dozen texts and calls while making paper records. Getting a portal simplifies your life and frees your schedule for the things that matter.

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A tenant portal is a game changer, and not just because it's more convenient. It improves communication and cuts down on accidental late payments. Maintenance requests become more streamlined, and management of your properties is easier on the whole.

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